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Winksmith Nordic Walking sells Nordic Walking poles.

If you wish to purchase Nordic Walking poles, please contact Sandrine at, text 021 418 695 or fill and submit the form below:

Poles & Accessories

It is essential to choose a good and correctly sized pair of poles. Poles should be the right length for your height and arm length, and should feel comfortable.

In addition to my course fee, you have the opportunity to hire a pair of poles for the entire duration of the course. You have the opportunity to try different pairs. Part of my job is to assist you in finding the poles that suit you best.

I am selling the following Nordic Walking equipment (model and colour may vary):

Fixed Length Nordic Walking Poles

Model: MtoS Sport Nordic Walking Pole
Shaft: Composite Construction
Strap: CR
Spiketip: Lock + Control & Asphalt Paw
Length: 100-135/5cm

Adjustable Nordic Walking Poles

Model: MtoS “Adjust” Nordic Walking Poles
Shaft: Carbon Composite Construction
Grip: Thermo-grip handle
Strap: C-race strip
Spiketip: Lock & Asphalt Paw
Carbon Index: CI800
Length: 58-125/5cm (adjustable)
Colour: cobalt blue / charcoalmtos-adjust-poles-fullcroppedmtos-adjust-poles-handlesoriginal        mtos-adjust-poles-feetcropped

A few points to consider when you buy:


Nordic Walking Poles are made from Carbon Fibre, Glass Fibre, or Aluminium.

Carbon Fibre Glass Fibre Aluminium
  • Very light and strong
  • Low swinging vibration
  • Long lasting
  • Hard on hard surfaces
  • More expensive
  • More swinging vibration
  • Less expensive
  • Cheaper
  • Less dampening of vibration
  • Less resilient
  • Heavier
Fixed Length Adjustable
  • Lighter than adjustable ones
  • Low vibration
  • Better swinging
  • Can be difficult when you travel by plane
  • Can only be used by a person wit the same height
  • Can be used by people with different heights
  • Good for travelling
  • Heavier than fixed length
  • Sand can wreck the joints
  • More vibration – especially when used by tall people
  • Can collapse (if not tightened correctly)


A good hand strap needs to

  • have the correct size or be adjustable
  • provide enough control over the pole
  • be made of material that breathes
  • be comfortable overall

If you consider Nordic Walking Poles as an investment in your future, you will understand that if you purchase a higher quality pole in the beginning, you will have a more comfortable handle, more endurable grip and tip and the kind of shaft material that suits your training and terrain best.

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