Nordic Style Walking Poles Apart

People wanting to vary their exercise regime had the opportunity to try Nordic walking, or pole-assisted exercise, at Innes Common this week.

Instructors took eager volunteers on a leisurely jaunt across the Lake Domain for a low intensity sample of the health and fitness classes offered by Nordic Kiwi, an association dedicated to spreading the exercise across the country.

Kiwi fitness expert June Stevenson said Nordic walking has been steadily grown in popularity since she introduced it to New Zealand in 2005.

It looks a little bit like skiing without skis but Miss Stevenson said by combining two specially designed walking sticks and a fast stroll Nordic walking engages 90 per cent of the body’s muscles. Nordic Walking was created in 1997 when the Finnish Olympic cross-country team contracted a ski pole manufacturer to create a walking pole that would continue to hone their skiing fitness in the off-season.

“There are now multiple associations for Nordic walking in the country, there is even competition developing,” Miss Smith said. Although there are no dedicated competitions yet.

Nordic Kiwi is running a series of beginner classes, poles provided, at the Lake Domain on Monday mornings during August.

* Adrian Hatwell is an AUT student

– Waikato Times


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