Stop Smoking Counseling

Sandrine Smith, owner at Winksmith Nordic Walking, is a Stop Smoking Practitioner. She has successfully completed two workshops organised by Denise Barlow, Smoking Cessation Specialist at the Heart Foundation.

Contact Sandrine if you are ready to quit and need some guidance.


Roopesh Subramanyam – May 2015


I am from India. Had been smoking from past 10 years… I am 25 now.. What started out as show off became an habit. By the time i realized smoking is bad, I was already addicted.. Tried every possible way to quit smoking.. Even tried nicotine gums in India but couldn’t stop. I could feel my body getting destroyed by smoke. After moving to New Zealand the cigarette prices which is expensive didn’t make me stop smoking as well. That’s when I met Sandrine fortunately. She helped me realize what I could have achieved without smoking with a small counseling session. Prescribed me several nicotine supplements based on my smoking habits. After I started using my prescription for a week I realized that I am not as addicted as I thought. I understood that I just needed a push to quit smoking which Sandrine gave me…

Ashwini Chandrashekhar – June 2015

I am 24 year old girl, had been smoking for three years. Smoking became an addiction which actually started out as casual party habit. With one cigarette during parties it slowly increased without my knowledge and I ended up smoking daily. Although I always thought that I could easily give up whenever I want, I did not know that addiction was the reason I was smoking and I did not want to give up because I was addicted. I felt I was smoking because I had nothing else to do. I never realised how much money was wasted and how my skin had changed. Finally met Sandrine through a friend of mine. She made me understand what I am losing by smoking. Told me it’s never too late to quit so that my body can repair itself. Sandrine understood my smoking habits and prescribed nicotine supplements accordingly. It is not just the nicotine supplement that can help you quit smoking but also your will power. Now I am a proud non-smoker. Thanks to Sandrine.

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