Arthritis Appeal Week

Arthritis Appeal Week
Tuesday 21st September — 28th September 2010 11 October 2010

Sandrine Smith
Nordic Walking

Dear Sandrine,

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for supporting the recent Arthritis Annual Appeal by holding a Free Trial of Nordic Walking on Monday September 20th. It was a great opportunity to raise the profile of Arthritis New Zealand as well as to collect some donations and although we didn’t attract many participants, it was still a very enjoyable event. I was very interested to learn about the benefits of Nordic Walking, in particular for people suffering from arthritis, and would encourage you to promote this in your advertising.

The proceeds from the Appeal are returned to the community and it is only through the generosity of businesses and individuals that we are able to continue providing our support services and education programme to those people living with arthritis in the Waikato.

Kind Regards

Carol Hall
Regional Fundraiser (Waikato)
Arthritis New Zealand
P.O. Box 9109, Hamilton 3240


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