Good for My Back

On 26/4/2012
by Pauline Pickering

For a bit of fun we did the free trial with Sandrine down at the lake and really enjoyed it so we then decided to do the beginners class. I was a little sceptical about walking with ‘sticks’ at first, but during my first lesson it felt great working more upper body muscles whilst walking and on subsequent walks of longer duration there was less fatigue on my legs. Realising it was something we would like to continue with we purchased our own poles and use them 2 or 3 times a week.

I am delighted how it has helped my fitness level. Due to a temperamental back, the beginnings of osteoporosis and a hip replacement needed in the future I am no longer able to do high impact exercise and this has been a great way to get a cardiovascular workout without causing any strain. When I go for a long walk normally my lower back is on fire and aching at the end of it but with Nordic walking my back does not hurt


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