Nordic Walking After Knee Replacement Surgery

Hi Sandrine,

I’ve now had enough experience with Nordic Pole walking to now offer an honest opinion.

Sixteen weeks ago I had a total knee replacement of my right knee. Until that time I had been a regular walker and bush tramper until walking became difficult.

Eight weeks ago, my wife and I chanced to meet Sandrine giving a NW class at Hamilton Lake, so we decided to give it a go.

Right from the beginning I could realise the benefits which two poles could offer so I persisted and haven’t looked back.

I can now tackle five to six-hour tramps over varying terrain and keep up with those more able bodied.

Some of my recent walks have been:

  • Almost to top of Mt. Tauhara, Taupo
  • The Whitecliffs Walkway Taranaki
  • Ananui Falls, Kaimais
  • Shorter walks in the Wairongomai

We also have a week of walking on Stewart Island planned.

I am now convinced of the benefits of using two poles, that I cannot visualise walking without them.

Regards, Mick Hart

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